Institut Henri Poincaré-Paris: December 11-12-13- 2013

Organisation:Fernando Codá-Marques and Laurent Hauswirth

This workshop intends to bring together researchers involved in geometric analysis, a mathematical subject at the interface of differential geometry and analysis. The conference is organized at the end of the Hadamard Lectures at IHP, and aims to present to the PhD student a panorama of the activities in this area. The lectures will be given by recognized mathematicians in the field."


Gérard Besson

Olivier Biquard

Michael Eichmair

Emmanuel Hebey

Ernst Kuwert

Levi Lima

Jorge Herbert Lira

Davi Maximo

Mario Micallef

André Neves

Frank Pacard

Hugo Parlier

Tristan Rivière

Harold Rosenberg

Stéphane Sabourau

Felix Schulze

Peter Topping


Programme :

  • Wednesday December, 11: Amphi Hermite

    9h00-9h50 : A. Neves----Applications of Min-max theory in Geometry

    10H-10H50: H. Parlier----Counting and measuring systoles on surfaces

    Coffee break

    11H20-12h10:D. Maximo----Free boundary minimal annuli in convex three-manifolds


    15h00-15h50 :E. Hebey----Klein-Gordon-Maxwell-Proca systems in closed manifolds

    Coffee break

    16h20-17h10:M. Micallef----A gap theorem for the alpha-harmonic maps of Sacks-Uhlenbeck

    17h20-18H10:P. Topping----Regularity of the Teichmuller harmonic map flow

  • Thursday December, 12 : Amphi Darboux
  • Morning: 9h00-9h50:T. Rivière----Weak connections and weak holomorphic structures

    10H-10H50: G. Besson---On open 3-manifolds

    Coffee break

    11H20-12h10: F. Schulze ----A local regularity theorem for the network flow


    15h00-15h50: E. Kuwert----Parametric partitioning of a convex body

    Coffee break

    16h20-17h10 : L. Lima----Isoperimetric inequalities in General Relativity

    17h20-18H10: O. Biquard----Four dimensional Einstein metric

  • Friday December 13: Amphi Darboux
  • Morning:

    9h00-9h50:F. Pacard----Solutions without any symmetry for some nonlinear problems

    10H-10H50: J. Lira ----Graphs with prescribed mean curvature

    Coffee break

    11H20-12h10: M. Eichmair----On the isoperimetric structure of asymptotically flat manifolds


    14H00-14h50: S. Sabourau----Sweepouts and volume on Riemannian manifolds

    15h00-15h50: H. Rosenberg ---- Minimal surfaces in hyperbolic 3-manifolds of finite volume

    End of the conference

    16h30-18h30: Workshop :André Neves: Existence of infinitely minimal hypersurfaces in positive Ricci curvature

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This conference is organized by ANR France-Brazil.