Romuald ELIE



- Chaire ACTINFO, Valorisation et nouveaux usages actuariels de l'information

- Projet FUI MacroNOW, prévision en temps réel des principaux indicateurs macroéconomiques.

- Projet ANR PACMAN, Problèmes principal-agent, théorie des contrats et jeux à champ moyen pour l'énergie.

- Projet ANR MFG, Mean Field Games.


- Contact rate epidemic control of COVID-19: an equilibrium view, with E. Hubert & G. Turinici.

- An adverse selection approach to power pricing, with C. Alasseur, I. Ekeland, N. Hernandez Santibanez & D. Possamai.

- Contracting theory with competitive interacting Agents, with D. Possamai.

- Optimal Claiming Strategies in Bonus Malus Systems and Implied Markov Chains, with A. Charpentier & A. David.

- On a class of path-dependent singular stochastic control problems, with L. Moreau & D. Possamai.


- A tale of a Principal and many many Agents, with D. Possamai & T. Mastrolia, Mathematics of Operations Research, to appear.

- BSDEs with mean reflexion, with P. Briand & Y. Hu, Annals of Applied Probability, to appear (2017).

- Regularity of BSDEs with a convex constraint on the gains-process, with B. Bouchard & L. Moreau, Bernoulli, to appear (2016).

- Segmentation et mutualisation, les deux faces d'une même pièce?, with A. Charpentier & M. denuit, Risques 103 (2016).

- Approximate hedging for non linear transaction costs on the volume of traded assets, with E. Lepinette, Finance and Stochastics, 19-3 (2015).

- BSDE with weak terminal condition , with B. Bouchard & A. Reveillac, Annals of Probability, 43-2 (2015)

- When terminal facelift enforces Delta constraints , with J.-F. Chassagneux & I. Kharroubi, Finance and Stochastics, 19-2 (2015).

- Optimal selling rules for monetary invariant criteria: tracking the maximum of a portfolio with negative drift, with G. Espinosa,

Mathematical Finance, 25-4 (2015).

- On the expectation of normalized Brownian functionals up to first hitting times , with M. Rosenbaum & M. Yor,

Electronic Journal of Probability, 19-37 (2014).

- BSDE representations for optimal switching problems with controlled volatility, with I. Kharroubi, Stochastics and Dynamics, 14-3 (2014).

- Adding constraints to BSDEs with Jumps: an alternative to multidimensional reflections, with I. Kharroubi,

ESAIM Probability and Statistics, 18 (2014).

- A simple constructive approach to quadratic BSDEs with or without delay, with P. Briand

Stochastic Processes and Applications, 123(8) pp 2921-2939 (2013).

- Discrete-time Approximation of Multidimensional BSDEs with oblique reflections, with J.-F. Chassagneux & I. Kharroubi,

Annals of Applied Probability, 22(3), pp 971-1007 (2012).

- A note on utility based pricing and asymptotic risk diversification, with B. Bouchard & L. Moreau, Mathematics and Financial Economics, 6-1 pp 59-74 (2012)

- A note on existence and uniqueness for solutions of multidimensional reflected BSDEs, with J.-F. Chassagneux & I. Kharroubi,

Electronic Communications in Probability, 16, pp 120–128 (2011)

- Probabilistic representation and approximation for coupled systems of variational inequalities, with I. Kharroubi,

Statistics and Probability letters, 80 (17-18) pp 1388-1396 (2010)

- Optimal control under stochastic target constraints, with B. Bouchard & C. Imbert, SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 48-5 pp. 3501-3531 (2010)

- Stochastic target problems with control loss, with B. Bouchard  & N. Touzi

SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 48-5 pp. 3123-3150 (2009)

- Double Kernel estimation of sensitivities,

Journal of Applied probability, 46-3 (2009)

  1. -Discrete-time Approximation of BSDEs and Probabilistic schemes for Fully Nonlinear PDEs, with B. Bouchard & N. Touzi,

Radon Series on Computational and Applied Mathematics (2009)

  1. -Finite time strategy under drawdown constraint: a viscosity approach,

Applied Mathematics and Optimization, 58-3 (2008), pp. 411-431

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- Discrete time approximation of decoupled FBSDE with jumps,

   with B. Bouchard, Stochastic Processes and Applications, 118-1 (2008), 53-75

- Kernel estimation of Greek weights by parameter randomization,

with J.-D. Fermanian & N. Touzi, Annals of Applied Probability 17-4 (2007)




Université Paris-Est

Adjunct Professor at ENSAE

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INRIA Mathrisk

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Machine learning

Stochastic control

Game theory

Mathematical Finance


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