Workshop "Random Polymers and Networks"

September 7-11, 2020, IGESA, Iles de Porquerolles

The themes of this conference are random polymers, random graphs and networks. These are celebrated models of Probability Theory, and bench test models for applications in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

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Anna Ben Hamou (Paris)
Quentin Berger (Paris)
Alessandra Bianchi (Padova)
Oriane Blondel (Lyon)
Charles Bordenave (Marseille)
Jacopo Borga (Padova)
Francesco Caravenna (Milano)
Bruno Cessac (Nice)
Clément Cosco (Tel Aviv)
Clément Erignoux (Roma)
Hubert Lacoin (Rio)
Jean-Francois Le Gall (Orsay)
Eva Locherbach (Paris)
Fabio Martinelli (Roma)
Davide Macera (Roma)
Sebastien Ott (Roma)
Julien Poisat (Paris)
Matteo Quattropani (Roma)
Francois Simenhaus (Paris)
Assaf Shapira (Roma)
Cristina Toninelli (Paris)
Ran Wei (Paris)


A bus will leave Marseille, Gare Saint-Charles, Square Narvik, on Sunday the 6th of September, at 16:30.
A boat (Navette Igesa) will leave Tour Fondue at 18:30, from Quaie de la jetée, (sur la digue), on sunday the 6th of September
A bus will return to Marseille, Gare Saint-Charles, on friday the 11th of September, by 15:00.

Organizers: Amine Asselah (Paris-Est), Pietro Caputo (Roma 3), Paolo Dai Pra (Verona).
Scientific Committee: Jean-Francois Le Gall (Orsay), Fabio Martinelli (Roma 3).

The workshop is part of a series of conferences organized by the ANR project SWiWS.