Pierre Vandekerkhove

Maitre de Conférences  HDR [fichier.pdf]
Curriculum Vitae (2018) [fichier.pdf]

Universitée Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallé
5 Boulevard Descartes,
77420 Champs-sur-Marne

E-mail : pierre.vandek@univ-mlv.fr

Areas of Interest : Biostatistics, Mathematical Statistics, Applied Probability

Material science : extreme value, plasticity phase, heterogeneity.

Biostatistics: epidemiology, microarrays, radiotherapy, EEG signals.

Missing data models: semiparametric mixture models, Hidden Markov Models.

Monte-Carlo methods: High dimension, sparsity, convergence rate optimization, control of convergence.

Stochastic Algorithms: EM, Robbins Monro, simulated annealing, two armed bandit algorithm.

Past event : Statistics and Modeling for Complex Data, June 22nd-24th 2011.
Coordinator: Pierre Vandekerkhove. Co-organizers: Arnak Dalalyan and Cristina Butucea.
Past event : Mathematical meeting Bézout-GeorgiaTech, december 18th 2013.
Coordinator: Pierre Vandekerkhove. Co-organizers: Christian Houdré, Karim Lounici.
Past event : SESO 2014, Statistical workshop for smart Energies, June 27th 2014.
Coordinator: Michel de Lara. Co-organizer: Pierre Vandekerkhove.
Forthcoming event : SESO 2015, Statistical workshop for smart Energies, June 26th 2015. Special Labex Bézout meeting.
Coordinator: Michel de Lara. Co-organizer: Pierre Vandekerkhove.

Published papers

[1] D. Bakry, X. Milhaud, P. Vandekerkhove. (1997) Statistics of Hidden Markov chains with finite state space. The nonstationary case. C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris Série. I, p. 203-206. [fichier.pdf]
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[17] P. Vandekerkhove. (2013) Estimation of a semiparametric mixture of regressions model. Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, 25, 181-208. [fichier.pdf]
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[23] C. Butucea, R. Nguyepe Zumpe, P. Vandekerkhove. (2017). Semiparametric topographical mixture models with symmetric errors. Bernoulli, 23, 825-862. [fichier.pdf]

Submitted paper

[1] D. Chauveau D. and P. Vandekerkhove. (2018) The Nearest Neighbor entropy estimate: an adequate tool for high dimensional adaptive MCMC evaluation.
[2] D. Pommeret, P. Vandekerkhove. (2018) . Semiparametric False Discovery Rate model Gaussianity Test. [fichier.pdf]
[3] F. Maire , P. Vandekerkhove. (2018) . On Markov chain Monte Carlo for sparse and filamentary distributions . [fichier.pdf]

Works in progress

[1] H. Holzmann, H. Werner and P. Vandekerkhove. (2018). Semiparametric topographical Mixture model with one known component.